Thursday, 10 January 2013

World of Glass Compilation Volume 3 - Tracklist revealed

Here's the tracklist of our upcoming and last compilation. The release date is yet unknown.

 CD 1:

1. Antalgia - The Invisible Mechanism
2. El Cuervo de Poe - La Semilla de la Vida
3. Sin7sinS - Sick of You
4. Dacryma - Rivières Rouges
5. To-Mera - Deep Inside
6. Intemperia - Vulture
7. Mytology - Darksky
8. Anwynn - Forbidden Songs
9. Unseelie - Le Printemps de Desdémone
10. Vespera Imperialis - The Kingdom of the Corrupted Souls
11. Dark Oath - Thor's Twilight
12. Astral Tears - Back to Life
13. Embracing Soul - Luna
14. The Great Sleep - Wither
15. Resilience - Threat

CD 2:

1. Inhepsie - Clair de Lune
2. Lingerbliss - Necessary Pain
3. Weeping Silence - Love Lies Bleeding
4. Mingmen - Back to the Ground
5. Entys - No Turning Back
6. Ravenscry - A Starless Night
7. Fenrir - Morrigane's Fury
8. Alwaid - Advice from a Caterpillar
9. Synful Ira - Inside My Fears
10. As Winter Falls - Just Follow
11. Moven.S - Whore
12. SandmarX - Drama Queen
13. Angist - Death Incarnate
14. Fading Bliss - The Edge of Time
15. Evolvent - Under a Bloodless Sky

CD 3:

1. Cadaveria - Flowers in Fire
2. The Way of Purity - Eleven
3. Thought Machine - Come to the Point
4. Only Fate Remains - Shallow Water
5. Edge of Attack - Forever
6. Wereworld - I F.L.Y.
7. Seed of Sadness - Remnant of a Dying Smile
8. Onatra - Lies
9. When Reasons Collapse - Full of Lies
10. Eternyx - Traveling Through My Madness
11. Akoma - Immortal Love
12. Cassandra Syndrome - No More Peace Forever
13. Innerly - Regrets and Hope
14. Midnight Sorrow - Waterfall
15. Grai - Zimnaya Skazka

CD 4:

1. Alhena - Trial
2. Crysalys - My Will Be Done
3. Scenario II - Doomsday
4. Creation Undone - The Culling
5. Julian's Lullaby - Hanging Crown
6. Helium Horse Fly - High on the Ground
7. Eerie - Delusions
8. Nereids - Elevation
9. Suddenlash - Valkyrie's Pride
10. Corvus - Writing on the Stone
11. Rising Sunset - Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux
12. Huldre - Ulvevinter
13. Elvenstorm - Black Visions
14. My Darkest Time - Dust
15. Where Eagles Dare - Save Our Soul

Monday, 30 July 2012

World of Glass Compilation, Special Edition - OUT NOW!

A very special compilation is now released. Discover with it 15 underground metal bands. Make your legal and free download and enjoy it!

Not for sale! Promotion only.

Friday, 20 July 2012

World of Glass Compilation: Special Edition - Tracklist revealed

Here is the tracklist of our upcoming compilation, to be released in July 30th.

01. Spiky - The Chronophagist
02. Haven Denied - Our Lives Are Gone
03. Beast - Thrash Metal Holocaust
04. Kriver - Toxic Blood
05. Mirrormaze - Deeper Signs
06. Cadmium - A Gifted Child
07. Neurotech - Below These Scars
08. Synthesia - Fire, Blood and Hatred
09. Instanzia - Ghosts of the Past
10. Worn-Out - Says Who
11. Be'lakor - Remnants
12. Rapid Strike - Sniper
13. Unna - Switchback
14. Legacy of Emptiness - Onward
15. Abbey ov Thelema - The Hidden Wisdom & Clandestine Legacy ov the Black Art

Thursday, 23 February 2012

World of Glass Compilation Special Edition - Artwork announced

World of Glass Compilations is releasing a Special Edition of the compilation with only Male vocals. In attendance to that release here's the cover by Unna Graphics (Unna is also known as bass player for Ethropia and mastermind of Unna).
This compilation will be released in May.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

World of Glass Compilation Vol. 2 - OUT NOW

And so, this is the time! World of Glass Compilation Vol. 2 is finally out! You've once again the opportunity to discover 60 underground Female Fronted Metal bands! Thanks for download and we'll be waiting for your feedbacks on our Facebook page.





All CDs:

Sunday, 29 January 2012

REVIEW: Heonia - Winsome Scar (2010)

01. The Chase
02. Requiem For The Night
03. Desire
04. Fears
05. A World Is Collapsing
06. Broken Toys
07. The Awakening
08. Despair
09. Mirror of Life
10. To Die In Silence
11. Loneliness

Heonia, as many of the bands reviewed at World of Glass Promotions, might be unknown to many readers. Formed in 2006 by Marieke (lead vocals) and Thomas (guitars) is a French Progressive Metal band. After compose their first tracks and recruit the rest of the musicians, 2008 saw the release of their first EP «Simulacra». Despite its “home-made” production, this record was very well received by the French public and gave them the opportunity to make their first live shows and even to be the support act to some bigger bands from France and other countries. «Winsome Scar», the debut album, was released 2 years after. The song «Broken Toys» taken from that album was present the first volume of «World of Glass Compilations», released in March 2011.

Heonia’s sound is Progressive orientated yet, during the listen of their debut album, we can find elements from Death Metal, Melodic Metal and even some from Power Metal and Avant-Garde. Their sound is clearly similar to the British band To-Mera for which Heonia (ironically or not) opened in 2009. Marieke’s voice is much lighter than Julie’s however Heonia’s compositions could be easily used for To-Mera. Songs like «The Chase», «Requiem For The Night» and «A World Is Collapsing» are especially similar to the stuff from To-Mera’s second album «Delusions».

Besides the big influence from To-Mera, more can be heard on «Winsome Scars». «Desire» got some influences from Jazz music what results in a mix of Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater with female bright vocals and male grunts, this time less influenced by To-Mera. Influences from Dream Theater can also be found on the song «Despair» and in some parts of «To Die In Silence». «Despair» is one of the best songs on the album: a very good progressive song which can also remind stuff of their fellows Spheric Universe Experience. «To Die In Silence» isn’t particularly a progressive song. Along with the progressive sound, we can also find some atmospheric parts yet, the guitars are very influenced by Dream Theater. On the other side «Fears», «Broken Toys» and «Loneliness» are more melodic. Important to note the excellent piano parts on the song «Loneliness» being this along with «Desire» the most ambitious compositions on this record.

Heonia haven’t properly found their own sound in this record. What we hear is surely a good effort by this French band yet it isn’t particularly new or distinctive. To-Mera’s and Dream Theater’s styles are very present on «Winsome Scar». For the future, it’ll be very important for the band to work on their own sound. Songs like «Desire», «Despair» and «Loneliness» just prove that the band can and will do very great things in the future! We’ll be impatiently waiting to hear their improvements. The production of the album isn’t perfect nor great. Just the typical used by independent bands. This is also one of the points Heonia has to work on for upcoming releases.

Marieke got a very pleasant light voice. A bit fragile, obviously, but enjoyable to the ears. Her timbre is quite a mix of the voices of Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) and Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes). Marcela’s vibrato and Liv’s sweet timbre mostly.  

Not everyone will love «Winsome Scar» and for many listeners it might be an hard record to get into. However Progressive Metal fans and especially fans of To-Mera, Dream Theater, Circus Maximus and Ambeon will find «Winsome Scar» a nice debut album! Heonia is certainly a band to watch out in the future!

NOTE: 14,5/20

Monday, 5 December 2011

World of Glass Compilation Volume 2 - Cover & Tracklist Revealed!

Cover by Bruno Pigozzi de Souza
World of Glass Compilations are free compilations created by World of Glass Promotions and meant to promote the most unknown female fronted metal bands. The Volume 1 was released in March 13th, 2011 and can be downloaded HERE.

The Volume 2 will have the following tracklist:

CD 1:

1. Adrana - The Frozen Path
2. Brezno - V Nebo
3. Ex Libris - Daughter of Corinth
4. The Forsaken Creation - Nemeton *
5. Highlight Kenosis - A Drop of You
6. AnachroniA - The Least
7. Regardless of Me - Frozen
8. Crushing Blow - The Wizard's Tale
9. Mary and the Black Lamb - Emily
10. Veil of Mist - Weight of Regrets
11. Denun - Distant Memories
12. Ancestral Legacy - Out of the Dark and Into the Night *
13. Dylath-Leen - Never Rising Sun
14. Triaxis - Lies
15. Dolmen - Jaulas De Identidad
16. Cadmium - Vera *
17. C-Rom - Narthex
18. Private - Home
19. Marionita Paige - The Eerie Sanctuary *
20. U.N.S.I.N. - Acid

CD 2:

1. Sammsara - Voices in My Head *
2. Crowmorph - Chroma
3. Infected Rain - Judgemental Trap
4. Temujin - Demons
5. Wintryfrost - Harmony
6. Elyose - Overload *
7. Shield of Wings - Solarium
8. Ivalys - Last Paradise
9. Magion - Song for the Living
10. Auspex - In Through the Looking Glass
11. Wildpath - Dive
12. Skyrion - Beyond Creation
13. White Skull - Etzel
14. Akentra - Just Close Your Eyes
15. Kandia - Into Your Hands
16. Tothem - Rescue
17. Opus Doria - Wind Whispers
18. Waldheim - Lost in the Rain
19. Ram-Zet - Infamia
20. Immanent - Seclusion *

CD 3:

1. Evenpath - Haven *
2. Ultimate Fate - Retribution
3. Theopsya - Star Seeker
4. Forgotten Tales - Diviner
5. Innergate - Borderline *
6. My Inner Burning - Electrified
7. Ashka - Ritual
8. Chaos in Paradise - Awareness
9. 23h17 - Vice et Versa
10. AraPacis - Unbirth
11. Noctis Notus - Scarlet Storm
12. Frozen Flowers - Freyja
13. Divine Ascension - Garden of Evil
14. Heliantha - Never Ending Search
15. Kerion - Time of Fantasy
16. Whispering Tales - Anesidora
17. Céphée Lyra - The Myth
18. Winter Storm - The Embrace
19. To Cast a Shadow - Oceans Apart
20. Tränenzeit - Dead Walk

* unreleased tracks

More info will follow soon!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

2011: A Flashback (part #1)

Best of 2011

1. Cabale by Dylath-Leen
The french Death Metal Dylath-Leen has been here for quite a while. After «Insecure», «Semeïon» and several performances in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands the band released a very consistent third album entitled «Cabale». With vocals performed by Kathy and Igor, the album is mostly influenced by progressive and death metal elements. As highlight we can appoint «...Still» and its respective intro «Forever...».
A very great effort by Dylath-Leen with the artwork by Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh).

2. Soulless Child by Ancient Bards
Ancient Bards were, for sure, one of the best revelations of 2010 with their debut album «The Alliance of the Kings». In 2011, the italian Symphonic Power metallers repeat the achievement with the second album «Soulless Child». Often compared with their compatriots, Rhapsody of Fire, the band totally deserves the compliment. The evolution is clear and Ancient Bards promises to became a big name in Power Metal. «To The Master of Darkness», «Gates of Noland» or even «Through My Veins» can be nominated as some of the many highlights included on this fantastic Power Metal album.

3. Onyx by Ava Inferi
A Norwegian composer in a Portuguese Doom Metal band: This is probably one of the labels everyone uses for Ava Inferi. After three good albums («Burdens», «The Silhouette» and «Blood of Bacchus»), 2011 brings from them a fantastic album. This time without any Portuguese sung song. With an excellent composer, a incredible and versatile singer and gifted musicians the masterpiece had to be done. «The Living End» and «The Heathen Island» are some of the highlights. A must-listen for every Draconian fan and, of course, every Doom and Gothic Metal fan.

~Choices by Raquel, admnistrator of World of Glass Promotions

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

REVIEW: Echoterra - Land of the Midnight Sun (2011)

01. After The Rain
02. The Best Is Yet To Come
03. Midnight Sun
04. The Ghost Within My Heart
05. All The Lies
06. Unleash The Flood
07. A Different Story
08. Welcome My Friend Of Misery
09. Memories Of Another Time
10. From The Gutter To The Throne
11. Genes Of Isis

With her passage in Aesma Daeva and Visions of Atlantis, Melissa Ferlaak became one of the most loved and charismatic singers on Symphonic Metal genere. Her technique and strong timbre conquered fans all over the world. After the successful «Trinity», the departure of the one who gave voice to the classics «The Poem» or «Seven Seas» was seen with much sadness by the numerous fans.

However, after 2 years, Melissa joins a new and of course Symphonic Metal band, Echoterra. The band had been formed previously, in 2007, with the voice of Suvi Virtanen (known also for her collaborations with the Swedish Symphonic Metal band Therion) and had already a debut album released entitled «The Law of One» that, as Visions of Atlantis’ «Trinity» got very good critics. That was definitely a ray of light for the ones who loved Melissa’s voice. 

A 6-songs EP «In Your Eyes» was released in 2010 and 2011 is the year when the so expected second album comes out: «Land of the Midnight Sun». The name can already remind us Melissa’s previous band yet, in Echoterra, things are a bit different. 

While listening to Echoterra’s second album, the first thought is: early Nightwish! Their sound can really remind Nightwish’s compositions from the albums «Oceanborn» and «Wishmaster». Symphonic Metal, operatic vocals and keyboards influenced by Power Metal are the points that the listener will save from the first listens of «Land of the Midnight Sun». Influences from Sonata Arctica or DragonForce can be easily heard as well. But the question is: What’s new in this band? It’s certain that Echoterra isn’t a copy of the previous bands Melissa has been but while listening to this album we cannot find anything new or anything that will make the difference among the numerous Symphonic Metal bands that can be heard nowadays. In the end, «Land of the Midnight Sun» is repetitive and trivial. «After The Rain» sounds like «Midnight Sun», «The Best Is Yet To Come» sounds like «The Ghost Within My Heart», etc etc… The most original song of the album is «Genes Of Isis» that contrary to the rest of the compositions brings some new progressive and classical elements making this composition a bit more solid than the previous ones.

The talent and the technique of Melissa Ferlaak are undeniable, in this album or in anything she has recorded previously. But behind all her technique there’s always a hidden passion. The vocal lines she wrote remain a bit monotone in some songs like «The Ghost Within My Heart» or «A Different Story», where something between her voice and the music seems to not fit in various moments of this album. The epicness the band is trying to reach in every song doesn’t really appear.

The production of «Land of the Midnight Sun» is probably one of the most disappointing points. Visions of Atlantis was (and still) an huge band where every single of those details were worked to sound perfect, so for those who knew Melissa from «Trinity» are not listening her in the same quality and caliber they used to. The production Echoterra had is very weak compared to all expectations who were around the band before this release.

There’s still a lot to improve in this North-American band. They couldn’t yet use the name of their musicians in their own advantage. Old fans will enjoy this record but the quality doesn’t remain undeniable. «Land of the Midnight Sun» could have been much better!

NOTE: 11/20